Remington Products Availability at Retail

Remington has announced that they will no longer sell direct to independent dealers like Mace Sports, Inc.  Therefore we have no choice but to buy through distributors (if we buy) which adds another level of markup to our cost and the price to you the consumer.  

Remington is exempting big-box stores from their policy giving them a lower cost and an unfair advantage over independent retailers.   As a result, we plan to limit our offering of Remington product. 

An article in Shooting Sports Retailer this week sums it up pretty nicely...

"In a move that has some retailers flummoxed, Remington Outdoor Company has confirmed the company will only sell its firearms to retailers through wholesalers, rather than directly to gun stores.

According to Remington spokesperson Jessica Kallam, the company believes the change “improves service to the independent retailer.”

“Independent retailers will continue to stock [Remington Outdoor Company] products, albeit supplied through distribution, i.e. wholesalers,” she told Shooting Sports Retailer.

Big box stores like Gander Mountain and Bass Pro Shops are exempt from the new policy.

“There will not be a narrowing of availability of [Remington] products on the retail shelf,” Kallam said."