Since 1984, we have offered our Customers the best Products and Pricing available with the Friendliest Customer Service.


Our Mission

Is to continue to grow our business and offer our Customers the widest selection of products at the lowest possible prices with first class service.

What We've Achieved

Bill Mace has lots of bad habits.  Over 68 years these habits have tended to accrue at an ever quickening pace.  As a “young” man back in the early 1980s one of Bill’s most expensive habits was firearms.  One day Bill smartened up and decided he might be able to finance his firearms habit by helping others purchase the guns they were wanting.  Since 1984 Bill’s sideline business has changed quite a bit. 

The first thing Bill had to do was find someone that could properly run his fledgling enterprise.  Linda was the necessary voice of fiduciary reason that to this day makes sure Bill keeps his financial wits about him. 

Today’s Mace Sports started in the corner of the garage with a dozen rifles and a Treadlok safe.  Hours of operation were sporadic and dictated mostly by whether or not the lights were on and someone was home.  New friends and old called Bill’s home phone number searching for their next purchase.  Home-based businesses are great for saving overhead, but too many midnight firearms calls can grow onerous.  It was partly self-imposed as admittedly Bill and Linda did keep strange hours because they had “real jobs” too.  The initial, home-based incarnation of Bill’s part-time business existed for 5 years in Hillsborough, NC before moving to Efland, NC. 

In Efland Bill and Linda were still in their garage, but they had upgraded to a free standing building, dedicated hours of operation, AND a business phone.  That’s progress!  Still, being a home-based business has a downside: like customers showing up on Thanksgiving day just as you sit down to dinner.  After 5 years in Efland, the Mace family business was really starting to take off. This period of growth coincided with the move to a full-fledged store front location on Highway 70 in Mebane. 

At this point there was no second-guessing as Bill’s one-time hobby was turning into a flourishing business: The Gun Room.  After 5 years it was clear that The Gun Room needed more “room”.  A search began in earnest for a larger space with even more visibility than Highway 70. 

The current location was a truly fortuitous real estate find.  Industrial Drive is close to the original Gun Room, but visible from I85/I40.  We could remain close to our existing customer base in central North Carolina and simultaneously increase our exposure to the millions that drive by every year.  So in April 2002 we opened at our new location on Industrial Dr.

Twelve years later and the building was just not big enough to continue to offer a large and ever growing "in stock inventory".  In August 2014 we will Grand Open our new additional 10,000 sq. ft. of retail showroom.  

Over 30 years there have been many changes.  The wants and needs of the customers have changed.  The Gun Room became Mace Sports.  Mace Sports has a full service Archery proshop, an impressive selection of Hunting and casual clothing, a full line of Gun Safes, an impressive reloading area,  tactical shooting products and most of all a first class staff to help with all your needs. 

Some very important things have stayed the same.  We still have Bill here every day.  Mace Sports still proudly sells the most highly regarded marquees in the shooting sports industry.  Most importantly we still have the support of you The Customer.  While still honoring our past, Mace Sports has all senses trained on the future as we enter a new era.  Today we make history and we very much want you to be a part of it.  Drop by as soon as you can.